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Exciting Development in the “Village” of West Greenville

West Greenville has been forgotten for many years up until the recent boom of development and urban revitalization. This article is yet another example of local companies investing in the “Village” to make it one of the best places in Greenville to live, work, and play.

The roughly 60,000-square-foot Diversified Systems Inc. (DSI) building sitting on 5.58 acres of land at 556 Perry Ave., in the Village of West Greenville, has been purchased in an acquisition led by The Furman Co., Development LLC.

Robert Poppleton, development manager with Furman Development, says the DSI building and former Poe Hardware and Supply Co. will include multiple uses. Among the uses being studied for the 50,000-square-foot warehouse and the 10,000-square-foot office building fronting Perry Avenue are loft office and retail. Poppleton says it is important that it also becomes a gathering place for the surrounding community.

“We love the Village,” Poppleton says. “We’re asking the occupants and users of the Village what they think is the best use and what’s needed. We want to hear from them.”

He says the success of downtown Greenville has started to push the boundaries of what is considered downtown and lead creative members of the community to other areas, like the Village.

“The Village of West Greenville is the next top destination,” Poppleton says. “The Village energy is contagious and now we have a property at the center of it. We are very excited about this opportunity.”

In addition to the location, Furman Development was drawn to the property because of the potential it presents with the opportunity for multiple uses.
“It has such a rich history,” he says. “We want to carefully consider the history in developing the property.”