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“Free” Real Estate Seminars

I really want to caution you with this type of “real estate investment education.” The best way to win in real estate is to go slow, pay attention, and only take on as much as you can afford (WITH CASH). These seminars push people maxing out their credit cards, borrowing on lines of credit, to flip a house and then reap the benefits at the sale. 

 Lots of huge glaring problems: 

1. Real estate costs can skyrocket before your very eyes. If you pay with cash, you tend to fight for more deals, you go slower, and you make better decisions. If you are using OPM (other people’s money), you will get in a frenzy because you want to get through the process as quick as possible so that you can sell the house as quick as possible. When things are done quickly in real estate, you will pay for it (i.e- takes away from your bottom line)

2. What happens if the house doesn’t sell? Oh, now you have tens of thousands of dollars in lines of credit. Good luck paying that with a house that doesn’t sell. 

3. These seminars promote how you can invest in real estate as a part time business. Nothing about real estate is part time. It takes a huge amount of time to either do the work, or work with professionals doing the work so that you ensure work is done correctly. 

Want to know about how real estate investing really works? Just save up cash and start looking for a fixer upper. Then get on some old clothes and get to work. Hussle and a lot of sweat is really what wins here.