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About eight months ago my wife and I decided we were going to leave the military and pursue our dream of full time real estate investing.  The problem was, we really did not know where to start.  We had our rental in San Antonio, and another in Greenville.  We knew that we would sell the house in San Antonio and use the proceeds to buy some properties in Greenville, and had an inkling of starting a Property Management company, but that was all just a simple plan.  We were not sure how we would execute, or what tools to use to help us get there.  I started Googling “Real Estate Investing” and “Top Real Estate Investing Websites.”  That led me to BiggerPockets.com.

I started reading through some of their blog posts and found they provided amazing content from investing, property management, flipping houses, and a variety of other topics.  I soon realized that BiggerPockets had much more to offer than blog posts.  They have built up a vibrant community that helps any novice investor with any questions or issues.  They also have a great selection of tools for investors from calculators, guides, and file downloads.  I’ve also really enjoyed listening to their podcasts, full of interviews from investors just starting out to multi-millionaires. 

Whether you try Bigger Pockets or not, if you are an owner and investor, you should find extra resources to improve your real estate IQ.