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Top NY-style Pizzerias in Greenville

What is New York-style pizza?  It’s  pizza made with a characteristically large hand-tossed thin crust, often sold in wide slices to go. The crust is thick and crisp only along its edge, yet soft, thin and pliable enough beneath its toppings to be folded in half to eat.  Are you looking for non-chain pizza restaurants that serve NY-Style pizza in Greenville?  Here is a list of some fantastic restaurants below:

Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria
25 W. Washington St.

Since 1996, Barley’s has been known for having one of the best beer selections in downtown, but their pizza should not be overlooked. Sauce is used sparingly, but their eclectic array of toppings allow for all kinds of pizza to be created. The main draw here is the sourdough crust, which has an incredible chew and adds some sourness and funk to the pizza (cheese: medium, $13; large, $16; slice, $2.50). Give the beefalo a go for a different type of protein.

Pebble Creek Pizza
1306 Stallings Road

Pebble Creek Pizza has been serving Greenville for over two decades with quality pizza (cheese: 12-inch, $7.99; 14-inch, $9.99; 18-inch, $13.99). The dough is made fresh daily and provides the perfect vehicle for any of their toppings. The sauce leans acidic but is needed against the cheese. The hand-tossed pizza is a customer favorite, and unlike many locally owned independent pizzerias, they will deliver.

Pizza City New York Style
1547 N. Pleasantburg Drive

Pizza City can be easily missed on Pleasantburg Drive, but the nondescript store is turning out quality pies (cheese: 12-inch, $7.50; 14-inch, $9.50; 16-inch, $10.95). The sauce is oregano-forward and put on the pizzas with a deft touch. The crust has a great chew and crunch on the bottom with lots of small, even air bubbles running throughout. The cheese stretches, but also has some bite to it. The slices are easily foldable to give you that full New York-slice experience.

Tito’s Restaurant Pizzeria
2018 N. Pleasantburg Drive

Just down the street from Pizza City, Tito’s makes some of the best pizza in Greenville with a home-style atmosphere to match (cheese: 12-inch, $8.75; 14-inch, $10.75; 16-inch, $13). Simplicity is key, as the sauce allows the acidity and sweetness of the tomato to shine through but not to be masked by the cheese. The crust is toothsome, with a nice even rise and cook. Try meatballs on the pizza. You won’t regret it.

Tony’s New York Style Pizzeria
30 Orchard Park Drive

Tony’s large slices and tangy sauce bring New York-style pizza to Haywood Road. The sauce and cheese blend into the crust to create that bready, doughy layer right below the cheese that helps to define the Big Apple slice. Try the white pie – ricotta, mozzarella, and garlic – if you crave something different (14-inch, $17.95; 16-inch, $19.95; 20-inch, $21.95).

Vic’s Pizza
21 E. Coffee St

Vic’s lists their location as “Brooklyn, S.C.” as a nod to their authentic New York-style pizza (cheese: 16-inch, $14; slice, $3). In actuality they can be found right on Coffee Street across from Coffee Underground. Vic’s sauce and cheese meld together seamlessly on a crust that offers a nice chew and gives diners that New York fold. They also make one of the largest pizzas in the city at 28 inches, the Bronx Bomber ($40).